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Pastor Scott Price and his wife Dawn were high school sweethearts and committed their lives to Christ while kneeling beside each other at an altar while attending a youth retreat in 1984. They both graduated from Hastings High School in Michigan and have been married for 25 years. Due to a long struggle with infertility and two miscarriages, they currently do not have children but continue to wait upon God’s perfect plan, provision and timing for their lives. Pastor Scott has been employed with Consumers Energy since 1992. For nine years he read meters for the company and for 8 1/2 years worked as a Gas Lines Worker. Due to company cutbacks he is currently reading meters again. Dawn has run a daycare out of their home for 19 years and is truly gifted with caring for children. Pastor Scott will work bi-vocationally for a season while planting Lifegate Community Church in Hastings until he is able to solely pastor the Church. Pastor Scott and Dawn have served in many capacities within the local church since committing their lives to Christ. They have served as youth leaders, spearheaded the development of a children’s ministry, led various small groups, and helped with the planning and service for numerous projects and events. Pastor Scott also coordinated a small group ministry in their home church, and served as a worship leader for 2½ years. In 2001, Pastor Scott responded to God’s call to ministry by enrolling at Cornerstone University and graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Management degree with a Ministry Leadership Specialization. While in college, the Holy Spirit began stirring Pastor Scott’s heart about planting a church in Hastings, which focused on the development of cell groups as a means of “making disciples.” Although this was his desire, he had not served in a church that followed this style of ministry nor did he know of one in Michigan that did. Consequently, upon graduating from college He wanted to visit Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, LA where this style of ministry was being utilized and where he hoped he could gain understanding in how to “do” what he had only read about in various books and resources. Through a supernatural series of events however, seven months after graduating from Cornerstone, Scott and Dawn were introduced to Dr Darren and Abigail Maracin who had previously been on staff at Bethany World Prayer Center and were planting a church in Kalamazoo, MI. Pastor Scott and Dawn were truly excited because, not only had they planned to go to Baton Rouge, Louisiana but by God’s Grace, through Pastor Darren and Abbie, the Holy Spirit brought Baton Rouge, Louisiana to them! Shortly after becoming acquainted with Pastor Darren and his wife Abbie, Scott and Dawn joined their team as they planted the church in Kalamazoo and served there for 4½ years. During that time, Scott and Dawn learned on a greater experiential level both the heart and practice of cell group ministry and discipleship. With the help of Pastor Darren and Abbie, Scott and Dawn were also introduced to the Network of Related Pastors, which is a “team of men endeavoring to equip each local pastor with all the tools necessary to be a success.” (www.nrpastors.com) Through the NRP, Pastor Keith Tucci, Pastor Chuck Vizthum and Pastor Carl Catalanotto continue to provide encouragement, council, accountability and oversight to Pastor Scott and Dawn since planting Lifegate Community Church in Hastings in October, 2009.

Pastor Scott and Dawn have a real passion to help people come to know Christ personally, to help them experience true freedom in Christ, and to help them experience true L.I.F.E. in Christ – which they believe means to “Live Intentionally For Eternity!”